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Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement - founded in the United States in 1898 - is a branch of the great Franciscan family and a missionary congregation which originated in the Anglican communion and was corporately received into the Roman Catholic Church on October 30, 1909.

We are women religious who are called by God through our congregation and the church to witness to God's continuing Presence in this world.  As missionaries, we are sent to serve Christ in his poor and to bring all people into union with our Creator God.

"Let the Sisters serve God as pilgrims and strangers here below in poverty and humility.  Let us ask God this grace -- to have many foundations, small and poor, but rich in charity toward God, one another and the souls of all." ~ Mother Lurana White, SA

Within the United States, we minister in the following States:  New York (Graymoor, New York, Port Chester, Yonkers); California (San Juan Bautista); Massachusetts (Dorchester); Michigan (Chelsea); Nevada (Carson City); Vermont (Burlington); and also in Washington, D.C.

The Sisters' Gift Shop @ Graymoor, NY

OLA Retreat House @ Graymoor, NY

Washington Retreat House @ Washington DC